Pitch terms and conditions

The caravan owner must make sure they insure and keep insured the caravan/motor home with a member of British Insurers against loss or damage by fire, storm, theft, flood and liability of not less than £1M to third parties and such other risks.

Please note this is a ADULTS ONLY SITE. 

The caravan owner is responsible for properly securing the caravan against theft.

No explosive or other inflammable substance or material may remain in the caravan whilst it is unoccupied, with the exception that up to a maximum of two gas cylinders of a proprietary brand and suitable for use with the caravan may be left, disconnected and turned off. All gas cylinders must have a fitted material cover. 

Only Eco-Friendly toilet chemicals to be used. 

No objects shall be left on or around the pitch when not occupied. No flag poles. No dogs/any animals to be left unattended on the Pitch or Caravan/Motorhome. Dogs must strictly be kept on a lead and any mess must be cleaned up by the owner. No dangerous dogs under the dangerous dogs act. Please do not feed horses or leave gates open when using the parks walks.

The site fee must be paid on time. Deposits are non refundable. Long-term stay deposits are returned at the end of your stay.

The Caravans/motor homes must be of standard touring caravan build and shape, in keeping with the site, a photograph of the outfit must be approved before entering.

Caravans/Motorhomes must park between the arrows. 

No commercial vehicles allowed anywhere on the park. No large transit vans or trailers are permitted on pitches, they may park in the main entrance car park in certain circumstances. Seek prior agreement first.

All Chemical waste from caravan toilets must be disposed of in the chemical waste disposal points provided. Only use toilet paper. Do not use baby wipes or anything similar, this will block the system.

The site waste bins are only to be used for the site rubbish and not carpet or any furniture, clothes etc.

Any storm, flood or accidental damage must be repaired by the caravan owner at their cost.

Not to use any part of the caravan park for any criminal, anti-social activity, illegal drug taking, or to overcrowd the caravan/motorhome. Please keep your TV, Radios or other sound bearing goods to a level so as not to disturb others. Please keep heating/cooling/appliances to a noise level so as not to disturb others. 

Maximum of one awning per pitch. Maximum of two cars per pitch. Cars should only be parked on the pitch not on the park roads. 

Please only use the recycling bin for that as described on the recycling bin label. 

Enjoy a BBQ, but do not burn the grass. No fire pits. 

No smoking in communal areas. No gazebos or pup tents.

Site speed limit is 5pmh. 

Electric hook up points are not to be used to charge vehicles.

Consider others when playing music and using the television too loud. Keep the volume down.

Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the park.

If the above terms and conditions are not kept this will result in the pitch being terminated.

The selling of Caravans, Cars or Motorhomes is strictly not allowed on site.

The Park owners reserve the right to remove the Caravan or Motor Home from the pitch should payment not be received or the above terms and conditions are not met.

In the case of Four weekly stays One months notice should be given should the Caravan or Motor Home Owner decide to move on. Short term stay cancellations or change of dates require a minimum of two weeks notice. 

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